Thinking in Extremes

Too often, people think in extremes. On a personal level, I think that is okay. Politically, however, it doesn’t work and actually does more harm than good. Society is sensitive to change. A gradualist approach works in order to win minds over, but those with a radical approach who believe they can force others to change their minds lack a certain morale. It is not freedom or democracy – it is dictatorship. By all means, think decisively and be passionate, but don’t expect others to think the same as you. If you attempt to force such a thing you are more likely than not to be met with an equally passionate response from the other end of the scale. And both parties sound equally irrational.

Most people have something they wish to alter in our society, but no change can be rushed through if it is to be sustained. Real change happens through understanding. People need time to digest and develop their own understanding not just about what is being said, but why it is being said. Making people feel idiotic won’t get them on your side. To belittle someone will only cause their respect for you and your views to wither.

Retaliation is a catalyst for devastating social issues to arise. It creates unnecessary divisions where we already have too many, causing unrest where none is needed. Communism and Fascism become  two sides of the same coin. It is dangerous, it can – and should be – avoided at all costs.

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