A Matter of Urgency

Saw the letter you wrote,

On a post-it note,

Addressed to me,

“Just a sip of coffee can make you feel free,

Spitting truths from our bitter tongues,

The epitome of what we need.”

But, I’m sorry sir,

See, I must disagree,

Voices may be loud – but we need action,

The worlds problems cannot be solved,

Simply by a cravings satisfaction,

And of your time, if you could just give a fraction,

Denoting a form of dedication to the cause,

Because getting your attention is just the first step in the process of progress,

I need you to do more than just listen,

It is time to put your boots to the ground,

Put up a peaceful fight,

Send them a bouquet with a bomb of knowledge,

As they sit there in their ivory towers we are just holding on,

Fingertips clutching the ledge.


It is time to be honest,

The path of mutual respect was paved,

Not by the square-eyed idols,

But by the feet gathering in the streets,

Causing disturbance,

As a matter of urgency, and feelings of purpose,

The people and their planet are dying;

Logging, forest fires, toxic gases rising,

Genocide and bombing, Detention centres are camps hiding,

In plain sight.

This generation is characterised by the plight,

Of 45’s America,

The world stage is the newest reality show,

So I hope you are keeping up with the crushing weight, the hate,

Refugees fleeing to a divided Europe,

Distracted by frustration,

We are not keeping with the latest fashion,

We are trying to protect the global population.


TV static in our brains,

Feeding the narcissism will only hasten the pace of the inevitable,

We are living to the penny, zero hour contracts,

No wonder we are insatiably unstable,

The Precariat in a secular age,

Had nothing to cling to but a man,

With a small loan of a million dollars,

To words painted on the side of a bus,

Or an anti-establishment message,

With a fascist image,

So, I do not think that harsh words over coffee is enough,

If what you are seeing doesn’t make you want to do more,

You are not looking hard enough.


Pay attention, that’s the first step.




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