From the Battle of Cable Street to Today

I think the UK likes to see itself as a spectator of other countries struggling with the threats of extreme parties. It is true, our voting system grants us a degree of protection from the rise of small, radical parties (and although the system has many faults, I won't be going into them now). However,… Continue reading From the Battle of Cable Street to Today

Two Blairites Walk into a Room…

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to meet John Rentoul, Chief Political Commentator for The Independent. Many people who know me well know that I admire his work, and so this really was a very exciting day. Mr Rentoul first came to my attention a while ago, when I started researching more about New Labour.… Continue reading Two Blairites Walk into a Room…

Who’s Leading the Country?

The past few years in politics have been energetic, gripping, exciting - well, they should have been. Truthfully, it all got very boring very quickly. That's nothing to do with the events, it's to do with the handling of them. When previous prominent figures found themselves in unprecedented territory they would, unashamedly, take the opportunity… Continue reading Who’s Leading the Country?

Oh, Lords!

Earlier this week, we saw Corbyn commit to abolishing the House of Lords, replacing it with a wholly elected second chamber. This isn't really news to anyone. It's not hard to gauge Corbyn's take on this continuous debate. For at least a century, reform has been on the table and many may say that we… Continue reading Oh, Lords!